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6th-Mar-2011 09:25 pm - New Vampire Novel Series Released!
vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice

New Vampire Novel Series by Alex Severin - Book One OUT NOW!

VAMPIRE VINTAGE : Belladonna in Hollywood
is the debut novel by Alex Severin, and the first in a brand new vampire novel series.

Belladonna knew her life was about to get even worse the day she had to throw Rosie off the Hollywood sign.

What she sought was Golden Age glamor, fame, flashbulbs, and the man who played Dracula.

What she got was Hollywood's underbelly – drugs, degenerates, phoneys, and a vampire with one hell of an attitude.

Blood, Revenge, Gangsters, Vampires, Bela Lugosi & Guns.

VAMPIRE VINTAGE : Belladonna in Hollywood is Book One of the VAMPIRE VINTAGE NOVEL SERIES by Alex Severin.

Only $2.99!






Lust hung heavily in the air as he smoldered his way through another song. Drums like a heartbeat throbbed behind his voice and distorted guitars screamed like the adoring crowd.

The warehouse was packed, wall-to-wall, the air wet with excited sweat, the crowd exhaling their desire for him into air that smelled like sex.

Belladonna grinned grudgingly and shook her head as she watched him preach to his disciples. Not much had changed in the eighty years that Belladonna had been a vampire.

Vivant still needed an audience.

And that audience was still on its knees, vibrating with lust so fierce you could almost touch it, taste it.

Men and women wanted him, needed him, just like they always had. And some would even die for him.

Looking at the people in the crowd reminded Belladonna that fashion never changed all that much over the years. Most of them looked as if they'd just stepped from the corroding celluloid of a silent movie, black-eyed and pale and at odds with the colorful world around them.

It was pointless trying to hide; Vivant would have known she was here long before she crossed the threshold. No one could successfully sneak up on him.

Belladonna wondered why he had never left Hollywood for any significant period. He'd arrived here from eastern Europe and not left for more than a few weeks at a time in more than a century.

But it was a foolish question. She knew the answer. It was the reason she was standing there at this moment.

Because this is Hollywood.

And there's no place on earth quite like it.

Hollywood is where the widest dreams can come true and heart's desires are crushed. The place where legends are made and souls are lost.

It's where fantasies can become a reality and reality can turn into a nightmare.

Hollywood is love and hate. Euphoria and despair. Good and evil.

And it is a place where there is always hope. Hope that maybe, just maybe, you are
the one. Hope that maybe
someday it will be you sitting in the back of that long black car sipping ice-cold Cristal from platinum-rimmed flutes, giving head to the top box office star of the year, instead of parking his Limousine.

And Hollywood is where that might just happen. There's always a chance – no matter how small, how miniscule, that it could happen.

Because this is Hollywood.

That's why everybody always comes back.

And why some never leave. Can't leave. Won't leave.

She smiled. Sepia-toned memories invaded her, things she hadn't thought about in years, but she was glad she remembered them.

She was home again. Not that she had been gone for long.

And she was in love again.

With Hollywood.

vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice
Kindle Edition OUT NOW! 



HEAD SHOTS : Scenes from the Zombie Apocalypse - A Novella by Alex Severin.

Meet Vic.

She used to be a cheerleader but her heart was never in it. She'd much rather have spent her time curb-stomping the high school Rah Rah Girls than cheering with them.

The daughter of the local "Vet who never left 'Nam," Vic had to fight tooth and nail for every single popularity point she ever earned.

But it was the skills her not-so-crazy father drummed into Vic her entire life that made her excel at surviving, starting with the day the world ended.

HEAD SHOTS : SCENES FROM THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is a novella-length taster of a future full-length novel, HEAD SHOTS : LOVE SONG FOR THE APOCALYPSE.

Taking a slight departure from the usual continuous narrative, this 10,000 word novella is told in scenes, allowing for a lean, mean, rip-roaring read.

Excerpt from the opening of HEAD SHOTS : Scenes from the Zombie Apocalypse -



She stood in front of a broken window in the abandoned house they'd just looted. She was still. Silent. Others in the room whispered and whimpered, all of them terrified. They all knew what was coming.

Vic didn't even screw up her face when she caught their scent anymore. The stench carried over distance and you could always tell they would be here soon when the breeze smelled like the dead.

She heard shuffling coming from the left of the window. She stiffened, knife raised, ready to strike, muscles taut and glistening with sweat in the evening heat.

There was a gargling noise and the stink intensified. A young man behind her – no more than seventeen – bent double and heaved his guts up on to the floor as the scent of one of the dead fucks assaulted his nostrils. Some people just never got used to the aroma of rotting flesh.

That was what Vic usually called them, dead fucks. Each time she said it, she said it with venom. She said it with hatred. The F sound elongated when she spat it.

And then it was right in front of her. She grabbed at its head with a gloved hand, getting a fistful of maggots as well as hair.

She plunged the buck knife into its eye and wiggled it back and forth, up and down. She remembered her dad telling her they called it scrambling in Vietnam, “cause it leaves the brain looking like scrambled eggs – and 'bout as useful.” Then he would laugh, joyless, hollow laughter. Darkness would descend behind his eyes and color his gaze.

Vic knew that darkness now, she saw it in her own reflection.

She knew how it felt to be haunted, the way he was.

She pulled the blade out; it made a wet sucking noise; rancid vitreous humor dribbled down the loose meat face of the dead thing. The room voiced its disgust but she didn't even flinch.

Almost too easily she sliced through its neck, down to the bone. She hacked and stabbed at it, shattering vertebrae.

Then she punched it, just out of pure anger, needing the sting of pain in her own flesh to know she was hurting it, just to have that feeling of bone connecting with bone. The force of her blow separated the head from the neck and it fell backward, making the thing look like a rotten hoodie top. She laughed at it, but it was mirthless laughter, just like her dad...

vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice
Hey, me again!

Just popped in to throw an excerpt up here from one of the stories in my new vampire erotica collection, 'Make the Streets Run Vampire Red.' It's out now in Kindle Edition.

(Remember, if you don't have a Kindle reader, don't worry! There's lots more ways to read Kindle Books. All the info is on each Kindle book's page, on the right side.)

It's just a wee taste, savor the flavor, see if you want to gorge yourself on some more.




Only when she was sure every candle was lit and in place did she turn off the main light in her apartment.

There were dozens of them, all shapes and sizes, but each one made from virginal-white wax and placed in a black glass holder. They covered every flat, stable surface in the room.

A plume of heady-scented incense smoke swirled lazily into the air; the room was filled with the aroma of red and black berries and a hint of frankincense, a top note of exotic musk and spices from far away places. The scent made her think of excited sweat on dark skin.

Krista's stage was set.

The splendor of her nakedness was exaggerated in the shadow cast on the wall by the flickering light of the candles. She admired her own fine form on the mirrored wall opposite.

She gazed at her damaged flesh, an expression of love on her face. She was proud of her scars, and felt they made her utterly unique in the world. And they said so much about her. Her scars told a story - the story of her devotion, of her trust.

Krista ran a finger over the heart-shaped scar on her left breast; she smiled at the difference in texture it had from the skin which immediately surrounded it. She loved the fact that particular scar was so prominent, so raised, that you could easily tell the shape of the scar without looking at it.

This scar was special.

Only one person in the whole world was allowed to drink from her heart.

Krista’s heart belonged to Lord Ruthven.

Each inch of changed flesh on her body held a memory. Each one of them reminded her of a day, of a person, reminded her of an emotion or a phrase, of a song. Some of them reminded her of a particular sensation - either pleasure or pain, or both. But all of them, each and every piece of scar tissue on her body made her feel love, love for the one who gave it to her and love for herself.

Each new scar she acquired made her feel even more beautiful than she did before. The more scar tissue she collected the more confident she became.

Krista admired her own body and ran her fingers over every scar, delicately touched each raised reminder of a steel caress or an ivory stab.

Lord Ruthven watched her. Although he did not love her, he was fascinated by her, and she allowed him to do things to her no other blood doll would ever tolerate.

Most of the donors he’d come into contact with were little more than weekend vampires. They would dress up in pseudo Victoriana, donned over-the-counter costume fangs from a joke shop and paint their faces with clown white.

But Krista was different. Lord Ruthven knew that from the moment he met her and immediately saw the mosaic of scars that adorned her body.

She was beautiful, olive-skinned and raven-haired and the myriad of scars and her opulent clothing made her look like an old pre-Raphaelite painting with a cracked temper coating.

She was the only one he’d ever indulged in blood-play with who actually allowed him to bite.

She loved it.

She revelled in it.

She needed it.

Each time they had a session she would writhe beneath him, grab fistfuls of his hair in her hands and force his bite deeper. She scream at him to bite harder, to suck harder, to fuck her harder.
And when the blades came out, she was so far into the whole thing that she actually scared him.
He had the notion that she would like him to murder her. He was sure she would die with a dripping cunt if he were to slice her flesh into ribbons with a cut-throat razor and bleed her white.

As he watched her, he was suddenly overwhelmed by his own need for blood. Her blood.
His need rose inside him, swelled, grew into a passion that was just the right side of hatred. He launched himself at her across the room, wrapping her long, dark hair around in his fist and jerking her head back violently.

Krista screamed, but it was not a scream of fear or displeasure. It was a scream of excitement, a scream of lust, of need for the kind of pleasure only torn flesh could give them both.
A new scar was about to be born...

27th-Jan-2011 04:20 am - Scary, Scary Stuff!
vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice
I just did the scariest thing I've ever done in my entire life.

I just sent out my very first agent query!

It was a seat-wetting ordeal...and not in a good way!


Love & Luck (I'll need it!)

- Alex.

20th-Jan-2011 02:55 am - VAMPIRE VINTAGE - D O N E !
vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice

Oh. My. God.

I finished my book! 'Vampire Vintage Book One : Belladonna in Hollywood' is D O N E ! ! ! !

Can I get a 'hell yeah?'

Love & Hallelujahs...
- Alex.

vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice

You know when you see something cool on eBay or an auction house, say an awsome movie relic, like Bela Lugosi's jacket from WHITE ZOMBIE or something? D'you ever wonder how you prove that item is authentic?

It's called PROVENANCE. It is the source of origin. It is the journey of how it came to be in the here and now.

Stories have provenance.

It has been brought to my attention that there's been drama going on on Facebook for a while about li'l ole me. My credability, my honesty and the validity of my accusations against Mistress Ana Phylaxis / Rebecca Bick Geissler and her serial plagiarism and copyright infringement  have been brought into question. I do not hold it against anybody who is standing by MISTRESS ANA PHYLAXIS who is ignorant of the facts. They don't know me and I accept their skepticism.

I will not get involved in such online dramas. What I will do is quietly post the link below so anybody and everybody can read the proof and the provenance of ZOMBIE FUCKER : RELOADED by SEVERIN & CHIMERA.


- Alex.
vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice



You can download FREE 
Kindle Apps HERE for :

Windows PC 
Windows Phone 7




UK - CLICK HERE TO BUY! - £0.74 

The debut solo collection from Vampire Erotica writer Alex Severin.

Alex Severin's unique brand of dark, erotic prose will kick you in the ass and grab you by the heart.

Set in the novel world of the VAMPIRE VINTAGE series, this is an introduction to characters your will be 
seeing a lot more of in the near future.

With a Foreword by Alex Severin, six VAMPIRE VINTAGE stories (three online favorites and three 
exclusives,) a lengthy novel excerpt, and a SECRET story online you'll find a link for in the book. 
There's also four bonus stories too. 


Foreword by Alex Severin

The Birth of Lord Ruthven

Some of Your Gothic Blood

Sucker Club, Soho, LONDON, W1

Fuckin' Hardcore

Secret Online Story : 

Drain the Blood

Bloody Lovers

Excerpt - 
Vampire Vintage Book One : 
Belladonna in Hollywood

The Modification of a Stupid Cunt

Charlotte's Attic

Little Prick

The Blair 


UK - CLICK HERE TO BUY! - £0.74 

vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice
Massive Copyright Infringement / Plagiarism Alert...
UPDATE 4 - Jan 11th : After 2 DMCA notices were sent by writers whose stories were stolen, the last Mistress Ana Phylaxis book has been deleted from the Amazon catalog.

Is this an end to it? I was hoping so, but, alas, no.

The validity of my claims of copyright infringement and plagiarism are being called into question by her followers and 'fans.' Their loyalty is admirable and I do not hold any grudge against them for it. So, since my sincerity and my honesty are being called into question, I will be providing provenance for some of the stories. I may do all of my stories she stole, but I may just do a couple. The proof is lengthy and it takes up a lot of time.

I'll begin with ZOMBIE FUCKER : RELOADED. I'll start a new thread for the provenance of each story and link to a page on my website to which I will upload the screenshots, scans and annotations.

All of this is keeping me from doing what I want to do - writing. I should have been done with my novel over a month ago - then THAT Google Alert came in. Stay tuned...

UPDATE 3 - Jan 6th : After writer Master Vyle (www.houseofmastervyle.blogspot.com) sent a DMCA notice, the penultimate Mistress Ana Phylaxis book has been removed. 6 down 1 to go! A big thank you to all the bloggers and forum posters who disseminated this info. 

UPDATE 2 - Jan 3rd : Tracked down the cover artist, Juli Cady Ryan whose beautiful painting MAGICAL PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREE was used for Mistress Klepto's book 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. As I thought, she did not give permission for it to be used. The artist has sent a DMCA notice to Amazon.

UPDATE 1 - Earlier today somebody posted this alert on her 'Fan' Group on Facebook. She immediately deleted the post, banned the member and made her Group 'secret.'

Hoo, boy,

I know I've had my share of plagiarists and copyright infringers over the last few years but this one really takes the biscuit!

I discovered a case of plagiarism and copyright infringement that's bigger than anything I've seen to date.

The whole story is documented below and I am posting this here as a matter of public record. The DMCA notices for my own stories that were in two of the books have been deleted by the relevant retailers. However, four books with 100% stolen content remain available. It is my hope that now the information is being disseminated, the writers I've had problems contacting will eventually be made aware through the digital grapevine and take the approproate action.

If you know any writer who frequents either of the story sites mentioned below, please direct them to my blog to read this post - they may very well be one of the writers this low-life has stolen from and made money off.

This post is extremely long and I don't really expect anybody to read the whole thing - it's just here as a matter of public record and an attempt to spread the word since she has indicated she is not going to cease what she is doing.

So, on with the show -

Love & Rockets...
- Alex.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Dear Writers,

My name is Alex Severin. I'm a writer. I've come across a Literary Kleptomaniac on the internet variously named as -

Rebecca Geissler
Rebekah Geissler
Becky Geissler
Rebecca Bick
Rebekah Bick
Ana Phylaxis
M. Ana Phylaxis
Mistress Ana Phylaxis
BizarreBettyXXX (she claims this is her publishing house.)
Byronee (this is actually a character from one of the stolen stories below.)

She steals stories (erotica, mind control, fetish and erotic horror,) puts them in book form and sells them on Amazon. So far, there are 7 books. Every story is plagiarized and copyright infringed.

I already had her store on LuLu.com shut down. She was using them to POD paperbacks and selling them at nearly $21 a pop.

If you have work on Literotica.com or ASSTR.org, please read through the list below and look for your name. If you don't see your name, I'm sure you will recognize plenty of other names listed. Please pass on this info to your fellow writers, post it on your blog, your social network sites etc.

She has looted both Literotica and ASSTR. She stole 8 of my stories from my own website and a very old e-zine my work is in. Five of those she put into books. The other 3 she was earning per-1000-clicks payments via Yahoo! Associated Content.

I sent DMCA notices to Amazon.com regarding the two books my stories were in and they have have since been deleted from the site, so, if your story was in NECROLUST : IN THE FLESH or NECROPOLIS you don't need to take any action. 13 WOMEN has also been deleted after 'Phineas' whose story YAMARA was stolen from Literotica, sent Amazon a DMCA notice. Currently, four books remain available.

If your story/stories is/are in any of the other four books, I would recommend sending Amazon a DMCA notice. If you don't know how to do this, click on the link below, copy and paste the DMCA form and just fill in all the areas that contain UPPER CASE INSTRUCTIONS, like so, with your own details.



And send it to Amazon.com's Copyright & Trademark Agent at copyright@amazon.com

Use DMCA NOTICE - COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT as your e-mail subject line.


Any questions you might have or further help you may need with the DMCA notice, don't hesitate to contact me at Alex@NOSPAMAlexSeverin.com (Remove NOSPAM before sending e-mail, of course.)

I've listed the plagiarized and copyright infringed stories and writers, book by book. It's a long list. I've linked to all the Amazon buy pages that remain (of course, a few of them are gone now but I've uploaded a few screen-shots.)

Also, since Facebook doesn't seem to care that she is linking to buy illegal content (a contravention of their own Rights and Responsibilities for users,) feel free to send a note to Facebook requesting they shut down her 'fan' group. Just let them know that she's linking to illegal content in the form of copyright infringed / plagiarized stories and offering them for sale via her group page. I sent her a Cease & Desist Order, since she clearly wasn't going to stop and kept releasing books even after I had started taking her down, (including stealing more on my stories!) She closed her 'fan' page on Facebook and locked down her 'fan' group. She's now claiming 'her' stories have been 'stolen' and that she is working with the FBI on the matter.

Just as an aside, I wouldn't recommend interacting with her. She informed me I was affecting her PTSD, she is poor and innocent and that I am actually victimizing HER. She told me she has no money and that legal action against her will cost me more than it will her. I felt obliged to inform her when I mentioned 'legal action' that she misunderstood – I am not suing her personally – I am seeking her prosecution. I never heard back from her after that.

This is the URL of her Facebook group -



She also has another facebook page, 'Facebook.com/Becky.Geissler' (This is also her, but she claims it is her 'slave.' The display names she uses on her group are 'Mistress Ana Phylaxis' and 'Anaphylactic Shock.'

This person has made money off all of us – perhaps not a fortune, but enough that she continues to do it even after she has been caught.

The reason I'm sending this to the individual websites involved is this – I contacted all the writers in the first three books and only received one responses out of a dozen writers. Many of these stories have been online for ten years or more and some of the accounts haven't been modified for many years. I thought my best bet was to try and get the two main sites on board to send out this letter via their own newsletters, forums and social networks. Also, anybody reading this please feel free to disseminate it, or the information within, anywhere you deem appropriate. I would like this plagiarist publicly exposed.

I got a call on 21st December from the Copyright and Trademark Agent at Amazon, Adrian Garver and it would appear Mistress Ana Phylaxis is going to try and challenge my DMCA notices. She informed Mr. Garver that she started writing the book in 1993 and first published it in 1997. She didn't actually say which book she was talking about.

Here's the book and story list...

Title : NECROLUST : IN THE FLESH [I sent a DMCA notice regarding this book and it has now been deleted from the Amazon catalog.]

The buy page is gone now, but here are some screen-shots :






NECROLUST : IN THE FLESH PDF PURCHASED FROM LULU.COM If you would like a copy, please e-mail me. I don't want to host the content on my site since only a few of the stories are my own copyright and this would be an infringement of your copyright.

In the Flesh - Alex Severin (Alex Severin.com)

Bad Habit - Alex Severin (House of Pain e-Zine)

Bad Habit II : The Redemtion of Mary Magdalen – Alex Severin (House of Pain e-Zine)

Frankenstein, the Lost Journals – Red Ram (Literotica)

The Goblin Under the Bed – Margin Walker (Literotica)

Wonderland in Alice – TwistedPlayr (Literotica)

Lustful Summoning : Parts 1 - 13 – mjm202036 (Literotica)



PDF COPY PURCHASED FROM LULU.COM - If you would like a copy, please e-mail me. I don't want to host this e-book on my site since none of the stories in it are mine and this would be an infringement of your copyright.

The Coven (Complete Serial) – TheFlyingPen (Literotica)



Title : 13 WOMEN [This book has now been removed from the Amazon catalog after a DMCA notice was sent by 'Phineas' whose story YAMARA was used.]

PDF COPY PURCHASED FROM LULU.COM - If you would like a copy, please e-mail me. I don't want to host this e-book on my site since none of the stories in it are mine and this would be an infringement of your copyright.

The Julia Chronicles – Sara H [AKA Cat's Sara] (Literotica)

Igrayne – Uther Pendragon (ASSTR)

A Knight to Remember – Souvie (Literotica)

Last Night Together – Inkubus (ASSTR) (See note below about this story.)

The Gorgons Kiss – Cobalt Jade (ASSTR)

Yamara – Phineas (Literotica)

The Devil is Miss Jones (all parts) / The Devil is Still Miss Jones (all parts) / Hell's Belle : The Return of Lilibat (all parts) – A Sinister Bent (ASSTR)

Dr. Fixit (all parts of the Dr. Kara Pendleton series) - A Sinister Bent (ASSTR)

The Adventures of Sam Spain, PI [Her title, THE ADVENTURES OF SAM SPAIN, PRIVATE DICK] – masterdavid1965 (Literotica)

(NOTE: LAST NIGHT TOGETHER may also be the same LAST NIGHT TOGETHER that's on her NiteFlirt page where she's selling audio files. I didn't purchase these as the site requires setting up an account with them. So you might want to visit and check it out. There's lots of files – she may have gotten the original material from Literotica and ASSTR too. You might recognize a title – she doesn't change them often. Here's the link to her page -



Title : NECROPOLIS [I sent a DMCA notice regarding this book and it has now been deleted from the Amazon catalog.]

PDF COPY PURCHASED FROM LULU.COM - If you would like a copy, please e-mail me. I don't want to host this e-book on my site since only two of the stories in it are mine and this would be an infringement of your copyright.

Emma Eccentric – CSC Monkey Girl (Literotica)

Illisa's Trials – t'Sade (Literotica)

La Belle Dame Sans Merci – Differently Dirty (Literotica)

Inside You – Alex Severin (AlexSeverin.com)

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut – Libertine (ASSTR)

Migration – Bandyimo (ASSTR)

Pits & Spikes – t'Sade (ASSTR)

Playmates – Angel Michael (ASSTR)

Special Treats – t'Sade (ASSTR)

The Summer Guest – Evil Cow (ASSTR)

Winter Flesh – Tabico (ASSTR)

Zombie Fucker – Alex Severin & Hertzan Chimera (AlexSeverin.com)



Title : A... B... C... (THE A,B,C'S OF DISCIPLINE AND HORROR) [sic]


A Sanguine Romance for the Dying – Unknown Pleasures (Literotica)

A Knights Tale - Domwoolf (Literotica)

Blood Rose - Chapters 1 - 3 – Icehead (Literotica)

Boston Halloween Massacre - Chapters 1 - 22 – BostonFictionWriter (Literotica)

Call of the Wolf – Chapters 1 - 8 – Purpleguy1812 (Literotica)

Consumed – Chapters 1 – 3 – NotWhatSheSeems (Literotica)

Captivity – J. Percival (Literotica)

Plane of Lust – limitless_lover (Literotica)



Title : D... E... F... (THE A,B,C'S OF DISCIPLINE AND HORROR Volume 2) [sic]


Detective Murphy – Transfix (Literotica)

Detective Murphy Meets the Devil – Transfix (Literotica)

Detective Murphy : The Lesson – Transfix (Literotica)

Detective Murphy : The Prick – Transfix (Literotica)

Descending – Chapters 1 – 2 – missmetalhead (Literotica)

Englishman in New York – Chapters 1 – 13 – velvetpie (Literotica)

Fresh from the Grave – Days 1 – 5 – emap (Literotica)

Found – Chapters 1 - 5 – Cowboi (Literotica)

Fungi – Master_Vyle (Literotica)

Full Moon Rut – SolitaryHawk (Literotica)





12 Days of Christmas – Days 1 – 12 – supersexy_alexa (Literotica)



Mary Magdalene : The Beloved Disciple
Actual Title : Mary Magdalene : Author of the Fourth Gospel? - Ramon K. Jusino

New Year's – ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

Jimmy's Fate - ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

The Chieftain - ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

Good Steward – ScottishChieftan (ASSTR)

The Phoenix House – Bandyimo (ASSTR)

Again, writers, please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance with your DMCA notice, or have any other questions regarding this matter.

I would also like to express my thanks to the websites involved for assisting with disseminating this information.

Sincerest regards...
/Alex Severin/
Alex Severin – Writer


1st-Feb-2008 04:40 am - January Plagiarism Round-Up...
vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice

Latest Round-Up of Plagiarists...

UPDATED - 3.06pm Thursday 6th March 2008

Yep, it's that time again.

Here's some of the latest deadbeats, thieves and losers who go around the internet stealing other people's writing. I'm so sick and tired of having to waste my time chasing these people down.

Shame on you.

You know, I may not be much, I may not be THE SHIT, I may not even be that good, but, even if I write utter shit, it's MY utter shit.

You use it – you put my name on it. Or you WILL be exposed.

It's not difficult, is it?

Didn't yo' mamma ever tell you that stealing was wrong?


Drum roll, please...

xtiantoreador AKA Xtian Greymure @ vampirefreaks.com

*applause, cheers*

This guy is just unbelievable.  He claims to be 27 but on THIS SITE he's actually 43. He begins his plagiarism on his profile and carries it through on pretty much every post he's got. Not just my work either. He's also using some of renowned erotic writer M. Christian's work and, by the looks of it, some of White Wolf Publications Vampire the Masquerade sourcebook material also.

This is the same twit on another site, using part of my short story THE BLOOD BLOG as a reply to a question on vampirism and blood drinking on a forum at Unexplained-Mysteries.com. Unelievable! (CORRESPONDENCE SENT TO SITE)  CONTENT REMOVED

And again! Mr. Xtian! Using parts of my work and others on this site also.  Here's just one instance...  (CORRESPONDENCE SENT TO SITE)

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