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31st-Oct-2007 02:54 pm - Boo!
vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice

Happy Halloween!

- Alex.

7th-Sep-2007 09:05 pm - A Cuckoo's Nest of Plagiarists . . .
vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice
 Aye, aye,


This is getting really old.

I got up today to a new batch of lunacy from your friend and mine over at amateurwritersisus.dork.

Super Mod, 'Dull Raving' sent me an e-mail entitled 'Princess's Story.'  I opened it.  I printed it out for the file I'm preparing for the UK authorities and it was 19 printed A4 pages of 'hahahahahahahah.'

Yes, really.

I also received another lovely correspondence from the Mad Mod from the MOD calling me a 'stalker' for still hanging out at the writing forum he moderates and where he was complicit in the plagiarizing and copyright infringement of my work.

What I'm actually doing still hanging out there is collecting evidence of the other plagiarized work by other writers which is still there.  And there's quite a few, let me tell you. 

Also, I'm the thief because I did not respond to li'l 'PeeWeeSpider' libelling me on one of his other websites.  Because I did not try to defend myself there, I am guilty of being the plagiarist.

Well, that's really logical, ain't it?  Considering I signed up for an ID on his wee website and he denied the request.  Wonder why?  So, I cannot respond there.  Once again, I am being denied the right by these buffoons to defend myself.  Not that I actually enjoy arguing with insane people on the internet, you understand.  Arguing with retards on the internet shows one is also quite witless.  It is futile.  You cannot reason with a crazy person.  You also cannot make a liar admit that they are a liar.  A liar will compund lie upon lie in order to deflect what they have done.  I have seen this in action before.  It's one of the reasons I do not take part in any online boards, forums, groups or communities.

I've blocked another two of his e-mail addresses and banned him from trolling my website and stalking me (who's the stalker?) 5 times in two days he has visited my site, clicking on the same link from a forum post on amateurwritersisus.dork. Now, the forum post is not accessible by any route I've tried ergo, I conclude it must be in a hidden forum accessible only by moderators.  So, somebody, a moderator, I presume, posted a thread about the situation, pasted the link to 'Fuckin' Hardcore,' (one of the stories 'Princes-Tuna' plagiarized,) and he has been clicking on it ever since.  Now, the link he's clicking on comes up as a 404 page.  I'm sure the 'hahahaha' x 19 pages e-mail was in response to this.  What he's too thick to understand is that the profanity filter on his beloved forum is replacing 'fuck' in the URL with '****'

Therefore this -


Is showing up on the forum (and my site stats) as -


Duh! As 'Dull Raving' would say.

I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about this - I am too - but this is the only place I have to address certain issues being thrown at me all over the place.  I will not post on the fourm since my own ID of 'AlexSeverin' was changed to 'PrettyPauline' because they didn't want my name showing up in the 'online' users area. (I can post, under another ID we set up to check out the other plagiarized work, but I will not post under an ID that does not include my name - I leave that to trolls, stalkers and schitzos.) And I cannot post on amateurwebmasteriam.doh, since I was denied an ID by 'PeeWeeSpider,' and therefore cannot respond to his and his sidekick's outrageous claims.

All these accusations about me threatening and hassling and needing to leave them alone, when I have not interacted with any of them since the day this all started 4 weeks ago, past Tuesday.  Not one word, not one e-mail, nothing, since they decided they were going to perpertate the lie they were all complicit in.

The gloves are off.  I'll keep y'all updated.

Love & Mental Health Assessments . . .

- Alex.

vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice


For once in my life I don't even have the words.  Even if I did, I cannot respond because this impudent little twit has blocked me from signing up for an ID on this site and I will not post anything, anywhere, that is not under my own name.

- Alex.

vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice
Give me all your poison, and give me all your pills, and give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill.

You're running after something that you'll never kill. If this is what you want then fire at will.

- Thank You for the Venom - My Chemical Romance.

Is there a more pathetic, wretched and disgusting a creature than the plagiarist?

Lemme think.

No. Probably not.

What could be more vile than a thief so bereft of imagination, or talent, or ability, that they feel compelled to steal that which has been created by another person?

Oh, wait! There is something more vile!

What's more vile is the lowest, most loathsome, artistically redundant piece of human garbage who does the above and then accuses the creator of being the thief. That's what is more vile.

And there's worse, even!

Worse? You're thinking. What could possibly be worse than that? Is there more pathetic a specimen?

Oh, yes.

Yes, there is.

More pathetic a specimen is the excuse for a human being who does all of the above and then claims they have officially filed copyright on the work they stole and that they are filing a law suit against you.

I call this extortion. That's what the law calls it too.

Now, I've no desire to give these morons (plural, yes, because there's more than one moron in this equation,) any more exposure than they've already had. But, I've not been allowed to properly state my case to the plagiarist-harboring website, nor respond to the thief 'herself,' since they unfairly banned me for 'spamming' their PM boxes. The 'spam' was the evidence they asked for. So, this is the only recourse I have to set the record straight.

So, briefly as I can, this is what happened with – let's call it – amateurwritersisus.dork. (That may be unkind to the decent members of that particular community. But, hey, some of them took part in defending a plagiarist even when completely ignorant of any facts, and told me not to cause flameage on their forum even when it was the thief who started it.)

I discovered a plagiarist using two of my short stories on amateurwritersisus.dork. I contacted the forum twice over the course of two weeks and got no response. I then had to sign up for an ID on the forum, find out who owned it, and sent them a PM, outlining the situation again and asking them to help, very politely, I may add.

He took a few days to respond and when he did, IMMEDIATELY, the plagiarist, 'Princes-Tuna' started a thread stating that the stories belonged to 'her' and I was the thief. Can you believe it? I couldn't. I was absolutely stunned by 'her' front.

So, I spent the next 10 hours (seriously) sending 3 of the moderators evidence of my copyright. But, of course, being rank amateurs and not knowing the first thing about publishing, nor writing in general, they informed me that nothing would stand up in a court of law (even although I had not mentioned litigation to them at that point,) except an official copyright document. This is not so. I have a history with the very characters in the stories dating back to pre-2000. Both stories were extensions of scenes in my novel 'Vampire Red.' The stories have been online since 2004. An 'official' copyright document is not required by a court of law to prove ownership of a work.  I also pointed out to them another two cases of plagiarism on their own forum by the same user.  They informed me that it was OK, what I had found was 'her' under a different ID on another forum.  A talented 'lass' indeed, since she managed to age by 13 years and sprout a penis in the space of 30 seconds.

Now, one moderator on the forum – I shall call him 'Dull Raving' – immediately leapt to the defense of the thief, making a big display of having seen 'handwritten copies' of the stories. (Yeah, I know – how fucking scientific. What they gonna do, use carbon dating?) He personally vouched for the plagiarist as his personal friend, blah, blah, yada, yada. Thus, when I sent the evidence of my copyright to them, I stated that I was CCing the owner and another moderator with each message as I did not feel that 'Dull Raving' was impartial since he claimed to know the thief personally. So, I did just that, I CCd each message from each moderator to all 3 of them. Then I was accused of 'spamming.'

Funny thing – the thief, the mod, the mod's 'military lawyer, (!)' the mod's sister, and one or two other 'users' on the forum ALL misspell and misuse the same words, all lack punctuation, correct grammar, and all capitalize words in the middle of sentences! Fancy that! They must have all gone to the same school.

So, the upshot was this – they didn't even look at my evidence. They did not ask the thief for any proof of copyright since they felt the burden of proof was on me as the complainant. They didn't deem it necessary to ask the plagiarist for any evidence. They only removed the stories after I threatened to sue them for libel, since 'Dull Raving' edited the story pages to declare 'NO PROOF OF PLAGIARISM WAS GIVEN.' This was, indeed libel, since it was a lie, calls into question my honesty, and my ownership of the works and my right to use them, and left all who saw the thief's lies with questions as to whom was telling the truth.

It's strange that a wee website like amateurwritersisus.dork needs to see official copyright documents to prove ownership, yet I've never been asked for anything of the like by any of the representatives who deal with the copyright and plagiarism issues for Yahoo!, LiveJournal, AOL, MySpace, MSN – whomever. But amateurwritersisus.dork, well, they're special. They know copyright law and protocols better than multinational corporations and legal specialists in the field.


My bad.

What was I thinking?!

Unfortunately, the owner of the forum has now seen fit to be the most ingratious little twit I've ever had the misfortune to encounter. 'PeeWeeSpider' is now talking smack about me on other sites he frequents. (He thinks I don't know. *rolls eyes*) His naiveté is actually quite charming, really, since he doesn't realize that posting the entirety of a private e-mail is actually copyright infringement, and subject to the same copyright laws as any other form of writing. Oops! But, I'll not hold his ignorance against him, bless him. He's just a kid who has fallen under the influence of an utter twat whom he seems to look up to for some inexplicable reason. I feel sorry for the li'l guy.

Also, after a whole day of ridiculous claims and threats from the psycho-moderatorr who began harassing me via e-mail on behalf of amateurwritersisus.dork, I'd had about enough of these idiots.

These are just a select few of the various claims and threats of the day from made by 'Dull Raving' -

*  Claimed to be a military lawyer who was suing me for 'slander' on behalf of the British Army. (Would be libel, actually, since the incident took place in a considered-published venue, but never mind facts or accuracies – suspend all that when dealing with cyber-psychos and the mentally challenged.)

 *  Claimed he tracked my location via UK Army satellite. (Yes, really.)*insert cuckoo noise*

*  The military lawyer mysteriously metamorphosed into the legal representative for the thief who had filed legal copyright on my work in the UK.

*  Claimed that if I did not remove all trace of the stories from my websites and blogs that I would be sued by the thief for copyright infringement and plagiarism.

I shit you not. I must admit though, out of all the crazies I've dealt with on the internet, this is the best one. I gotta give him that. He's been a source of constant amusement for nearly 3 weeks now. This one's even better than the dude who was uber-pissed at me because I wouldn't tell him where all the vampires were at.

Again, thinking of all the good people who frequent that forum, I don't wish to slight them in any way and if this causes offense for that I'm sorry, but I've been treated shockingly by the two moderators and the owner. They scorned me, disrespected me and dismissed me. I hope the users of that particular forum understand.

I deserve, at the very least, the same common courtesy that anybody and everybody deserves. No more, no less. I was not given even that. I was not allowed to fully state my case and my evidence was ignored completely because of the lies the owner was told by a head case he unfortunately trusts.

The fact remains that this poor wee boy was manipulated by his egocentric Walter Mitty of a moderator. Perhaps some day, 'PeeWeeSpider' will educate himself on some of the things he's been passing judgement on, and not take as gospel the word of the likewise-ignorant and downright dishonest.

When I sent the moderator, 'Dull Raving' e-mailed evidence that I couldn't send via the forum PMs, I referred to him by his given name.

He asked me, "How the hell you know my name is a query"  [sic]

I replied, “Your name is on your website.”

This is the mentality I'm up against. It is very difficult to reason with, and, indeed, even decipher what exactly it is he's trying to say most of the time.

And he's the one who spent a whole day telling me 'duh!' and how stupid I am. Oh, and that I'm a “wolly' [sic.] Dude really should learn how to talk and spell beyond a third grade level. He and his friends / alter-egos / multiple personalities should all take a course together.

Am I being spiteful?

Yes, I am, but I have every right to be. But, I stress, that there is not one word of inaccuracy in this post. That would be because I am not a liar. I leave that to them.

I'm not normally spiteful by nature – that's not the type of person I am - but I've never, ever been so insulted, so utterly slighted by anyone or anything in my entire life. These characters – MY characters - I've lived with them, cried with them, bled with them, laughed with them, for years. They're part of me. I made them. They're mine. And for somebody to try and take them from me, for somebody to try and take away my right to write about them, to tell you their stories, you may as well cut my hands off.

If that sounds extreme to anybody, they're obviously not a writer. Any writer, whether we're good or bad, uncommonly brilliant or spectacularly inept - ANY writer - knows how I feel and understands why I am so angry at these people and why I cannot just forget what they did and what they allowed to happen.

'Dull Raving' himself could never understand because he is not a real writer. Writing lame game-related fiction with characters created by somebody else, set in worlds created by somebody else, is just not real writing. That type of keyboard masturbation is for the creatively bankrupt and those with way too much time on their hands. (I'm not talking TV or movie tie-in writing here, you understand. Not at all.)

In closing, I just want to say that I'm surely a much better writer than I ever thought I was since so many 'writers' want to claim my stories (especially my vampire stories,) as their own, want to accept praise-by-proxy for creating them, want to be known to their peers who visit their blog, or website or forum, as the person who wrote them.

But, you know what? I wrote them. Me.

And I'll keep on writing them.

I'd like to see somebody with guts enough to try and stop me.

And shit like this just takes me a step closer each time to making an effort to do something with my writing instead of just writing for fun, like I've always done. I'm semi-professional, yes, - which means I've been paid for writing various things, a screenplay, some short stories, custom fiction for private and professional clients - but everything I've been paid for more or less fell into my lap without me really doing anything to look for it. That's website optimization for you! ;oD

Maybe it's time to actually make an effort and start subbing material. I don't do that unless I hear about something I find really interesting and I just have to sub it. That isn't a regular occurrence! Maybe it's time to seriously try this writing thing for real. I guess I should finish that bloody novel then, shouldn't I? That'd be a good place to start.

Oh, and, 'Dull Raving,' 'Princes_the_Plagiarist,' whatever-the-fuck-your-name-is-this-week, whichever gender of alter ego you're currently masquerading as, a parting message for you and only you...

Merci pour le venin.

You know what that means? You like quoting French phrases, don't you? And setting up fake MySpace accounts to troll my blog and post nasty messages. Yes, I know you do.

It means thank you for the venom.

Venom can kill or cure. A shot of venom can save your life or snuff it out. But if it doesn't kill you it'll make you stronger.

I'll have a long, tall glass of it, thank you.

Love & Bloody Kisses...

- Alex.

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Could it get any worse?

I've removed the previous two blogs regarding the plagiarist-harbouring forum (but I have screenshots of all the info still,) due to pending legal action about to commence against the offending website.

I just want to thank everybody who came out in support and sent me messages.  I really appreciate it.

If anybody reading this has either 'Fuckin' Hardcore' or 'Drain the Blood' on a website or blog or forum, with an upload that pre-dates 17th December 2006, please contact me via my website. (Especially those who block bots from indexing their site and are therefore not searchable via search engines.) 

(No, you're not in trouble!  That's not why I'm asking. I need screenshots of FTP information to use as evidence. I allow full use of my work with credit and /or a linkback.)

Love and Lawsuits...               

- Alex.

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Hello, youse,

It was a year ago tomorrow I last posted here!  Long time no see!

Its been a very busy first year and a bit here in the US and up until now I've had no time for writing or anything else in life except the business my husband and I own. Now that we have things under control and running smoothly, I'm making time for other things, namely writing.

A year ago – to the day – I announced an e-serial novel to run monthly in my newsletter. Needless to say, I didn't make that monthly deadline each month. I'm sorry about that.

What I'm going to do is an exclusive novella for my newsletter subscribers. Due to the volume of internet plagiarists I've found recently (14 people either using them uncredited or claiming them as their own work,) I'm not going to risk putting the novel out over the mailing list. It'll only end up on the internet and that would spoil any chance I have of finding an agent or a publisher when it's done.

The novel in question is 'Vampire Vintage – Belladonna in Hollywood,' and I promise you that it will be well worth the wait.

Not sure what I'm gonna do for the newsletter yet, but I'm planning ('yeah, right, I've heard that before!' you say,) on sending out the first installment on Halloween. I'll let you all know what it is and what it's about when I decide what to use.

And speaking of the plagiarists – here's some of the current offenders that are still up and running because some websites just don't give a shit that their users are theives, and some I've not dealt with yet.










I don't check often for this sort of thing, but, you know, these are my stories (or large parts of them, and some written with co-writers,) and it irritates me that they're being stolen by people who are more than happy to accept praise for them. Where is the glory in that? They know that any feedback regarding a story – good or bad - is not for them. What's the point?  I have a very open policy whereby I allow anybody with a website to reproduce anything I have on the internet as long as I am identifiable as the writer. But, unfortunately, there are people who abuse this.

That's it for the now.

Blood and Guts...

- Alex.

vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice

I've decided to serialize my forthcoming novel 'Vampire Vintage - Belladonna in Hollywood' in my newsletter. That means you can read the entire novel FREE if you sign up for my newsletter!

'Vampire Vintage - Belladonna in Hollywood' follows the story of a wannabe starlet in 1930s Hollywood and her quest to make "Dracula' star Bela Lugosi fall in love with her and live happily ever after. But Vivant, a mean-spirited and vain, yet irresistable and compelling vampire has other ideas in mind for the lovely young Belladonna. Their relationship plunges them into a maelstrom of emotions as they both love and hate each other with a passion neither of them has ever experienced.

'Vampire Vintage' is not full of foppy fuckers prancing around in velvet and lace. It's viceral, it's violent, it's bloody. Just the way a vampire book should be. And there's sex too. Lots of sex. Lots.

The novel will be an e-serial of weekly installments and will commence on 9th September 2006.

Click below to sign up for the newsletter!

Oh, and you can spread the word too - grab a banner, right click and 'save as' to your own pooter and link it to -


Free Vampire Novel - Weekly E-Serial!

Love & Bloody Kisses...
- Alex.
6th-Aug-2006 01:15 am - Alex Severin @ MySpace!
vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice
I finally gave in and built a MySpace page.

Alex Severin's Vampire Erotica MySpace Page!>

There you will find an excerpt of my novel 'Vampire Vintage - Belladonna in Hollywood' and and explaination of what the fuck ever happened to 'Vampire Red.'

See ya there! Or here! Or wherever!

Love and Plasma...

- Alex.
9th-Jun-2005 10:01 pm - ZOMBIE, ZOMBIE, ZOMB-EH-EH-EH
vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice
Here's one for all you sick & wrong weirdos out there.

Severin & Philbin's ZOMBIE FUCKER : RELOADED - Episode 1

This is episode 1. Expect more. Much, much more. Novella. Comic Book. Quilt covers with matching curtains. Cereal with little pieces of hard candy in.


Enjoy, ya psychos!

Love & Dead Flesh . . .
vampire erotica, vampires, goth erotica, blood-drinking, anne rice
Ok, here's something pretty cool...

Got an e-mail from a DJ / Producer named Mikey Bramich (AKA JetSet Mikey.) Mikey happened across my Mp3 of In the Flesh on the website and felt compelled to set extracts of it to music.

So, here it is -

In the Flesh with Music by JetSet Mikey!

Love and Bruises...
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